About Us

Biofiba conceived, invented and developed on the Central Coast, and is now being marketed to a global industry with more than 200,000 manufacturers and the company is now poised to take a big slice of the USD$90 billion export pallet market.

Known as "Biofiba" an extruded simulated 100% natural composite made from hemp fibre and natural starches taht replaces timber, plastic and polystyrene in the manufacture of export pallets.

The Biofiba product developed on the Central Coast is now being further enhanced with the technical assistance of the CSIRO and Telford Smith Extrusion Engineering and will save trees and the reliance upon fossil fuels.

A biopallet will decompose and biodegrade into harmless, environmentally safe garden mulch in just 120 days.


"Technology Does Not Run a Company People Do"


About 40 percent of all timber harvested around the world is used to make timber pallets and plastic pallet production utilises expensive petrochemical fossil fuels with high carbon emissions. From this USD$90 billion dollar global market, more than 6 billion timber export pallets are manufactured and sold globally per annum. Used only once then discarded into land fill or piled up on streets, roads and storage yards creating an environmental disaster attracting vermin, potential fire hazards and a wilful waste of natural resources. 
Biofiba is a "Green Eco friendly Composite" comprising, 100% natural organic matter sourced from commercially grown renewable crops (which does not affect the food chain) processed and extruded into a simulated timber plank that has been specifically developed as an environmentally acceptable alternative to timber, plastic and polystyrene in the manufacturer of export shipping pallets. At the end of its short life span a Biopallet made from Biofiba will decompose into valuable, harmless and safe garden mulch that will not contaminate, pollute and damage the environment. 
Biofiba has the potential in a very short period to generate more than $2 billion in annual export revenue representing only 1.83% of the global market, creating a significant boost to the Australian economy. Patented base raw materials and extrusion equipment produced Australian will have a multiplying effect starting with seed suppliers, primary producer's right through to the contacted master batch-compounding manufacturers, extrusion equipment supplier, logistic, distribution, marketing and administration. Biofiba has already established licensing alliance agreements to export manufacturing equipment and raw materials to manufacture in Australia, New Zealand, China, South East Asia, India, UAE, Sri Lanka, United States, England, European Union and Canada.


Biofiba Limited is an unlisted public company owned, funded and managed by Central Coast people supporting other Central Coast Business's and welcome all enquiries from anyone who may be interested in becoming a part of the Biofiba opportunity.