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01. Regional Business Employment Fund Program.

The Regional Business Employment Fund (RBEF) aims to encourage business growth and genuine new employment creation. The Fund aims to offset business costs including payroll tax, to assist businesses create employment through establishment or expansion of operations in regional NSW.

02. New Market Expansion Program.

The New Market Expansion Program aims to assist small firms develop the confidence, networks and skills to pursue new markets and to break the cycle of dependance on traditional markets and/or local economies.

03. Innovation Pathways Program Fact Sheet.

Industry & Invesment NSW and the Australian Technology Showcase (NSW) have developed the Innovation Pathways Program to integrate existing and new program elements to accelerate the growth of NSW organisations seeking to commercialise innovative technologies. The Pathways Program has been designed to complement Federal Government commercialisation initiatives and the Australian Technology Showcase, as part of a whole-of-government approach to the commercialisation of innovative technologies. The Pathways Program targets organisations with a maximum turnover of $15m and with innovative technologies supported by intellectural property. Eligible organisations may include researchers, start-ups and established SME's

04. Online Expos.

silvertrees web development has brought together a truly innovative online trade show concept. Online Expos is designed to showcase businesses, products, services and events. Accessible to visitors and registered users 24/7 from anywhere. Online Expos is packed with gadgets and dynamic features to make browsing expos and stands a memorable experience.

05. silvertrees web development.

View a selection of the many websites we have developed. As we work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met, our sites often consist of custom-built features and systems.

06. Biofiba Presentation.

Biofiba Limited is a cleantech company that has developed and patented, unique Intellectual Property specifically to help prevent the destruction of the world's natural and unreplaceable forests. Biofiba is a world first and the only known product of its kind and will change dramatically the world export pallet industry providing viable alternative solutions to the many problems confronting this USD$90 billion dollar global market. Attached below are two seperate presentations on Biofiba the first is a video presentation on Biofiba exhibiting at GLOBE 2010 in Canada and the second is a powerpoint about Biofiba.

07. The Central Coast Mixing Business and Pleasure.

The Central Coast Region, its location, advanced infrastructure, skilled workforce and attractive lifestyle make it a viable business alternative to Sydney for many major industries. The following brochure highlights the Central Coast Region, it's Major sectors, Competitive Advantages, Infrastructure, Workforce and its many Investment opportunitites.

08. BodyGuard Proximity Warning System.

Every year personnel in the workplace are in danger of injury when working in close proximity to moving vehicles and heavy machinery. Until now there have been very few solutions available that effectively lower the risk of collision. The Bodyguard proximity detection and warning system has been designed to help save lives by lowering the risk of collision between moving objects. The attached PDF presentation gives a detailed overview of the Bodyguard Proximity Warning System.

09. Aquation presentation.

Aquation Pty Ltd designs, manufactures and sells innovative scientific instruments for the water quality and environmental monitoring industries. Available products include a range of "in situ" modulated chlorophyll fluorometers designed to measure plant stress, and a water quality monitoring platform designed to be easily configured to customer requirements.

10. The Shutter Fluorometer.

Healthy plants lead to healthy profits in the plant industry. however, toxic compounds, water stress and inadequate nutrients can inhibit plant growth. With a new twist to old technology, Aquation Pty Ltd now enables growers to directly and non-destructively monitor plant light-use efficiency over the course of a day.

11. The Simple Fluorometer.

Plants use light to grow. The efficiency of light-to-biomass conversion is key to maximum productivity. The Simple Fluorometer measures this efficiency, and provides this information from plants both indoors or outside. The Simple Fluorometer can be operated from a laptop, either directly or via a wireless link.

12. Data Security Backup Collaboration.

How would your organisation cope if you lost just one day's Data? With Replica Data Protection system backing up your organisation, you won't have to worry about hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

13. Replica Data Security - Document Security.

Replica Data Security has developed software that helps organisations to manage their data securely. Replica does this by focusing on securing data in mobile workplaces and enabling the secure exchange of documents between organisations.

14. Replica Data Security Overview.

The following PDF presentation covers Replica Data Security.

15. Replica Secure Document Transfer.

Replica Data Secure Document Transfer and Collaboration enables the transfer of confidential data using an intuitive interface which requires no special training. The system is designed to provide unparalled security for data and still be a productive tool for users.

16. Replica Collaboration.

Replica Collaboration enables the collaboration and transfer of confidential data, in a simple, yet totally secure manner. Replica allows data to be shared internally, externally and even with third parties all in a highly secure environment. Access to the data is highly controlled with multiple data access levels available.

17. Blink-myanswers presentation.

The Blink-myanswers presentation is in a PDF format. The presentation covers information on Keywords in action, Mobile browser and single point of management for all mobile content (apps and sites). Please enjoy the myanswers presentation.

18. Blink-myanswers answerSpace.

The Blink-myanswers answerSpace presentation is in a PDF format and covers items such as A Secure Platform to Develop and Manage all your Mobile Interactions through to discussing what is an answerSpace. Should you have any other questions please call Blink Mobile today to find out more about how to set up your myanswers answerSpace.

19. ATUG 2010 Award - Innovations in Communication.

ATUG 2010 Award - Innovations in Communications. Blink Mobile Technologies Pty Ltd are proud of our achievements and are delighted to have been recognised at the recent ATUG Awards for Innovations in Communications.

20. Australian Business Global Markets.

Australian products and expertise are revowned globally for high quality and innovation. The Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) works around the world to both enhance that reputation and bring Australian businesses success, and to attract international investment in that success. Austrade is the Australian Government agency that builds sustainable relationships between Australian exporters and international businesses and investors, through a variety of services including industry events, financial grants, individual support adn business matching.

21. Glass Whiteboards.

Our new Glass Whiteboards are an innovation in office design. Why not add a touch of modern and exciting design to your office space? With the right colour, your company logo, and understated high technology stainless steel fittings, a Glass Whiteboard can add style to your reception area, office or boardroom. And why stop at one? And why only one colour?

22. Export Marketing Development Grants.

Export Marketing Development Grants (EMDG) Coaching Workshops will help you get EMDG ready and maximise your grant entitlement.

23. REDES.

The Regional Economic Develoment and Employment Strategy (REDES), is the long-term strategy for sustainable economic development and jobs growth for the NSW Central Coast region. It has been developed as part of the NSW Government's overarching Central Coast Regional Strategy which was released in 2008.

24. Mirage Sea kayaks.

Mirage Sea Kayaks Australia manufacture and sell a range of high-quality boats to kayak enthusiasts both Down Under and to the world. Designed by dedicated sea kayakers with a passion for the ocean and many years of experience, the Mirage range of sea kayaks brings together the qualities that go to make up the best in expedition, touring and escaping. Mirage Sea Kayaks are among the most popular and best selling sea kayaks available today. The full range of Mirage Sea Kayaks incorporate the most advanced features available today and are designed to ensure outstanding performance in both ocean conditions and flatwater paddling.

25. NSW Trade Promotion Program.

The NSW Government's program of international trade missions and exhibitions offers export-ready NSW companies an effective way to identify new international business opportunities and to acquire the knowledge and connections critical to export success.

26. Web Marketing Strategies.

Join us for an intensive eBusiness workshop where you will learn what opportunities exist for you to improve your online marketing initiatives. In this intensive workshop, we will explore conversion strategies used by successful websites from around the world.

27. Economic Development & Employment Strategy.

The Regional Economic Development and Employment Strategy (REDES), is the long-term strategy for sustainable economic development and jobs growth for the NSW Central Coast region. It has been developed as part of the NSW Government's overarching Central Coast Regional Strategy which was released in 2008. This in turn, reflects the bigger-picture State Plan-Investing in a better future (2009). It further complements the Regional Business Growth Plan for the Central Coast.

28. Regional Development Australia Central Coast Flyer.

The following PDF is a brochure on Regional Development Australia Central Coast.

29. Focus On The Coast Newsletter - March 2010.

Focus On The Coast is a monthly newsletter published by Regional Development Australia Central Coast.

30. Business2Business With A Twist.

Business to Business with a Twist is a unique marketing concept created by LBH Promotions to enhance business through a multi-tiered strategic approach of advertising, networking and online promotion.

31. Buy Local Festival 2010.

The Buy Local Business Festival 2010. A Networking Festival Event.

33. Innovation Festival.

Launching the Hunter Central Coast Innovation Expo.

34. Research Foundation Videos.

View these presentation videos from the Central Coast Research Foundation.

  • 2NUR fm
  • Morgan Cradock
  • NBN
  • Hunter Research Foundation